Control valves are designed to provide staged flow and pressure control through the movement of the plug (or disc) to provide a smooth regulated flow in the pipeline.

Product – 840 Conventional Valve (Ch)

The 840 series cage-guided valve is specially designed using recent advances in control valve technology. It is used to control a wide variety of relatively clean liquids and gases at high-pressure differentials. Configured with either flow-to-open or flow-to-close trims, the valve is well suited for steam, gas or liquids, where flow-to-close is typically used for liquid service and flow-to-open for steam and gas. The design of the 840H (drilled-hole-cage) valve is primarily used for severe service applications requiring anti-cavitation or low-noise trim. In most cases, high-pressure drop in process conditions may cause erosion, noise or vibration, which can affect process control. The 840H is a good solution to this severe service application.


Product – 900D Control Valve

IMI CCI’s DRAG® technology, pioneered in 1961, is the industry’s leading solution for handling demanding service conditions. The 900D is designed to deliver peak process performance with superior control while minimizing losses caused by valve leakage. IMI CCI’s proven DRAG® technology will reduce your equipment and maintenance costs through dramatic reductions in cavitation and vibration – the root cause of damage to trim, adjacent equipment and piping. Supported by the world-class technical expertise of The Valve Doctor® program, the 900D is a continuation of IMI CCI’s industry-leading critical application solutions that customers have come to depend on.