ESME Valves is a world-renowned company based in Basingstoke, Hampshire, England, U.K. The company has been providing equipment for a wide range of applications for both domestic and international markets since 1939. It is a Member of British Valve and Actuator Association (B.V.A.A).

Their products comprise of direct acting and pilot operated pressure regulators and control valves, for use in the Petrochemical, Chemical, Power, Gas and Process industries. ESME supplies fully engineered solutions to many high profile companies throughout the world.

The valves are of U.K. origin and are manufactured to customer specifications at our Basingstoke Factory. Our expertise and experience enable us to provide special construction and off standard requirements quickly and effectively. Valve Bodies can be supplied with any material that can be cast, with machining in our workshop, by CNC Machines to ensure a high standard of manufacture. To maintain our high standards ESME is accredited ISO9001:2008 by Lloyds Register Quality Assurance (Certificate No. 0934467).

ESME Valves manufacture valves of the following types and sizes.

Self-actuated pressure regulators for the control of steam, fluids, and gases in body sizes ¼” to 6″.
Air pilot operated pressure regulators for the control of steam, fluids, and gases in body size 1″ to 8″.
Direct pilot operated pressure regulators for the control of steam and fluids in body sizes 2″ to 8″.

Control valves size range ½” – 8″.
Control valves in size range 1″ – 4″.
Regulators can be supplied to control upstream pressure, downstream pressure, vacuum and differential pressure. With various types of a regulator to control pressure in a variety of ranges and models.

Valves can be supplied for NACE and cryogenic service with material and non-destructive testing to customer’s specification.