Flare System

TFS is the official agent of GBA in Vietnam. GBA Flare Systems is an internationally based supplier of flare equipment to the world’s Oil and Gas, and Petrochemical Industries. The flare systems we supply include flare tips, flare pilot ignition systems, elevated flare structures, and associated flare equipment. We supply flare systems for use at oil refineries, chemical plants, offshore and onshore oil and gas production facilities and power stations; in fact, anywhere there is a need to flare off large volumes of flammable gases quickly and safely.

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 Pilot and Ignition Systems

GBA offers a full range of ignition equipment to suit all requirements. We offer the well tried and tested Flame Front Generator (FFG) in both forced draft (uses compressed air) and natural draft (inspires its own air) versions but increasingly we find that our modern state of the art CHT High Energy direct electric ignitors are finding favor with clients who want a simple to operate, reliable ignition system.


Flare Tips

GBA Flare Systems CSF sonic flares are the single nozzle or multi-nozzle high-pressure low radiation sonic flare tips designed to give the superior performance where low radiation and smokeless combustion are required. Every effort has been made with CSF sonic flares to ensure longevity in service and to this end, the critical parts are all fabricated from thick wall heat resisting alloy. In addition, a slatted windshield works to minimize flame draw-down in windy conditions. Lifetimes of 5 to 10 years are being achieved with GBA Flare Systems CSF sonic flare tips.


GBA StarBurst

A New, Safe and Reliable Flare Ignition System. GBA StarBurst is a Rocket Propelled Pyrotechnic Flare Ignition System

GBA Flare Systems have worked extensively to develop their latest product, called the StarBurst system. The product provides a safe, reliable means of igniting flare tips and pilots as an alternative to both existing pilot based electric ignition systems (like GBA’s CHT system) or to the ballistic systems that use explosive pellets with their attendant hazards.