OMB Valves supplies a complete range of integral flanged ends valves and specialty products which are mainly used in the offshore and onshore oil and gas production sites. With more than 25 year experience in supplying valves for the demanding fields of the North Sea, the Middle East, South East Asia, and the Persian Gulf, OMB offers a complete range of solutions for the most severe applications.

OMB is qualified to API6D and API 6A: these exacting standards are also applied in the production of thru conduit gate, globe and check valves in classes up to 20000 and any exotic material.

OMB Forged Steel Valves division manufactures gate, globe and check valves for the hydrocarbons and chemical processing plants.
The experience in supplying engineering companies at the construction phase makes OMB a reliable source of expertise in the choice, design, installation, and maintenance of valves where a complete guarantee of superior operation and long reliability is required.

Design Basic design options such as the bolted bonnet and welded bonnet in both threaded and seal welded and full penetration weld, socket welding end or flanged and so forth, are available as well as specially made pieces such as angle, self-closing, and stop check design, etc.
Valves are manufactured to ISO15761/API 602 8th edition in pressure class150 to 4500. The latest standards are followed in every area of the manufacturing, testing, and NDE examination.

Materials Forgings are sourced only in Italy and are available in more than 50 ASTM denominated materials: from A105 to Titanium including all the alloys and stainless steels