Changes in the oil and gas sector such as the commercialization of smaller, more remote resources have led to an increase in the requirement for more demanding applications.  We work closely with all leading providers to provide products that protect the critical plant components.

Our products support the increasing need to access remote fields. Our valves and equipment enable extreme processes to operate safely with the utmost reliability in harsh environments – not only through the process on board, but also the powering and safety of the vessels.

What we offer

Choke valveAnti-surge valve, severe service control valve from IMI Critical Engineering (IMI CCI) for many platform offshore Vietnam, Gas Processing Plant (Dinh Co GPP) and LPG terminal (Thi Vai LPG Terminal).

IMI Critical Engineering is the world leader in compressor anti-surge valves for LNG.  We have also developed  HIPPS to tackle the issue of pressure spikes and H2S (sour gas) that is present in older fields or more difficult fields just being developed.  Leveraging a long history of experience we design control and hardware for the system which has been successfully supplied to onshore and offshore fields in the Middle East.

IMI Bopp&Reuther is the industry leader in pressure relief valve use in platform and gas processing plant all over the world.

IMI STI actuation gives industry-leading response times, accuracy and repeatability.  We have supplied for many offshore platforms in Vietnam (Su Tu Vang, Su Tu Den, Su Tu Nau, Hai Thach- Moc Tinh,  Sao Vang- Dai Nguyet,etc.), LPG Terminal Thi Vai, Gas Processing Plant Nam Con Son, and Gas Processing Plant Dinh Co.

The LNG process relies on our best-in-class isolation valves – IMI Orton metal seated butterfly valves are used in the liquefaction plant in a number of applications including cooling systems, firefighting, and process valves.

We produce cryogenic process valves and loading/unloading valves.  Our engineering expertise ensures safe faultless operation at -196°C.

TFS also the exclusive authorized presentative of GBA for flare system in Vietnam market. The flare systems we supply include flare tips, flare pilot ignition systems, elevated flare structures, and associated flare equipment. We supply flare systems for use at oil refineries, chemical plants, offshore and onshore oil and gas production facilities and power stations; in fact, anywhere there is a need to flare off large volumes of flammable gases quickly and safely.

Subsea applications valves for the severe service and environmental conditions of the North Sea. Valves are available either manual or equipped for ROV operation. Cast and forged construction are available for top entry valves: there is basically no size limitation for forged construction having already developed and supplied valves up to 36” in one piece forging. OMB Valves supplies a complete range of integral flanged ends valves and specialty products which are mainly used in the offshore and onshore oil and gas production sites. With more than 25 year experience in supplying valves for the demanding fields of the North Sea, the Middle East, South East Asia, and the Persian Gulf, OMB offers a complete range of solutions for the most severe applications.