Iron & Steel

We know that smelting plant owners and operators want to ensure their huge investment is utilized to its maximum in this very competitive sector.  This requires the most reliable plants, with the highest yield and the lowest cost to run.

We have years of experience providing tailor-made, non-standardized flow control equipment.  We have also provided valves with new technologies to help reduce your production costs such as the no-bell top charger and top gas recovery turbines.

What we offer

Our key products are hot blast valves, up to 2.5m in diameter which can withstand temperatures of 1,650°C with energy saving designs that, when closed, are man-safe; and goggle valves, up to 5m in diameter which can withstand operating temperatures of 1,100°C.

Top-gas Recovery Turbines (TRT) and No-Bell Top Charger (NBTC) for blast furnaces are also key products.  TRTs are specially designed low revolution turbines that use the hot gases from the blast furnace to generate power.  The design has been optimised to reduce all draft and friction to produce a high-efficiency turbine with the lowest losses.  They can simultaneously support two blast furnaces.  The NBTC has been designed to generate better gas exploitation which leads to increased output from the furnace and also greatly reduces the consumption of the reducing agents – a significant saving for plant owners/operators.


Across all our sectors and the chemical/process industries, safety and reliability are of paramount importance. It is essential that plants operate without interruption and turnarounds for plant maintenance or upgrades are fast and efficient.

We provide world class products across process industries where safety valves are required to protect pressure systems for steam, gases, and liquids.

What we offer:

The IMI Bopp & Reuther Si series are most commonly used in process plants. The closed spring bonnet traps the process fluid in the valve and prevents a release to the environment. The straightforward design and reliable guidance of the stainless steel inside parts ensure free and repeated discharge cycles. Conventional safety valves are usually selected where a short outlet pipe leads to the atmosphere, where the fluid is safely discharged into low-pressure systems and where the fluid is uncritical.

For process steam, we offer best in class turbine bypass, steam conditioning, and desuperheating products to ensure plant uptime and the most cost-effective output. With class-leading products, we are leaders in applications for sugar, ethanol, paper, and pulp processing industries worldwide.

Our range of products serve high temperatures and ensure high repeatable quality, such as our range from IMI Z&J for the production of float glass. IMI Th Jansen provides air separation valves used across the world and approved by process licensors for the production of oxygen, hydrogen and other gasses.

OMB Forged Steel Valves division manufactures gate, globe and check valves for the hydrocarbons and chemical processing plants.