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Closer to our customers

Our roots are based in Italy, our experience comes from over 60 years of history, our future pursues innovation and constant research.

We operate on a multi-regional basis in a challenging and rapidly changing environment. Our local presence around the world enables us to best answer our customers’ requests, to effectively manage daily professional and personal relationships, and build mutual trust in a collaborative working environment.

Strength comes from trust

The people at PetrolValves Group are our most important asset, women and men who every day keep their promise of delivering high-level quality products and offering a wide range of services that can respond to the present and future needs of our customers – with an end to end, solid and reliable approach.

We are now a Group, born to design and bring to life novel sustainable energy flow solutions, partnering with our clients, pushing the boundaries of technology ever further and energizing what’s yet to come, growing stronger from the trusted relationships with our customers.

Welcome to PetrolValves Group.